The role of participation processes in public sector initiatives

Why is that almost every international organization is supporting participative processes for development? The answer usually refers empowerment and transparency.

Regarding to empowerment there are very relevant reasons. In my opinion, since it takes such a long time to develop and implement a proper participation, we need to have clear that it makes programs' implementation less bureaucratic.

When people are involved they can take actions according to their perspectives. Ok, this can imply that they could even take actions outside legal boundaries, but these actions would be inside of the social boundaries.

These actions, inside or outside the boundaries, are efficient as they respond to necessities according to a plan –partners-made or not. In a broader sense, when this kind of process start it generates a chain-reaction that empowers people in other areas and not only the initial one.

That’s why there should be a constant dialogue between the partners (be they public sector, community-based organizations, etc.) Therefore customary Institutions need to strengthen their capabilities to put into practice the approach suitably at different levels.


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