The inclusion problem

After watching the movie "The Visitor" a stranded feeling invaded me. It's about illegal immigration. The movie is not portraying completely the difficulties of an illegal person when trapped, it shows how the closest ones, generally family but also illegal, experience it. Migration is part of contemporary men and women the same as in the search of better conditions the world's nomads spread througout the world and settled somewhere if they "liked" it. True that now rules and laws generate a different scenarios, but people are linked to one another via friends, family, work and leisure.

Currently I am an immigrant -now legal. Some months ago I felt the anxiousness of an illegal in Rwanda. In some months it's possible that it won't be like that anymore. Yesterday night, while watching the film, I deeply realised the life of thousands of DR citizens like me that for a million reasons go abroad and start a new life, and how it can be blown so easily by the recieving "system" even when this new life starts flourishing.

Immigration cause renewal and aggression; it's love and hate. It expands the world in so many levels, but the real thing is that it shows how unbalanced -in terms of countries' equity- it is.

PD.: Concerning this, the next revision of the MDGs should take it into account, as the UN recognizes the relevance of migration processes.


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