Haiti: Spontaneous Architecture Competition

In the wake of the Port-au-Prince earthquake, Haitians have sustained an immense loss of life, with numbers still climbing, and the collapse of physical structures signifying the collapse of the governmental, social, economic, and infrastructural institutions those structures housed and represented. This earthquake was no typical disaster.

The relief effort of this particular disaster goes beyond air-dropping supplies and building emergency housing.
People talk about emergency shelter. What about emergency institutions, only one of which is housing?

Participants in February's Spontaneous Architecture competition are invited to take this question seriously.
Responses can be strategic, organizational, institutional, and/or architectural.

Submissions are single images, formatted in 8.5 inches by 11 inches (landscape), 300dpi tiffs. Images must be anonymous, containing no identication of their creators. Submissions may (but are not required to) include up to 100 words of text. All submissions are due by 11:59PM on 15 February 2010.


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