Mother and Child Health Week, Rwanda 2010

The objective of a Mother and Child Health (MCH) week is to counter the causes of deaths amongst children and mothers. Most of these diseases that claim numerous lives of children and mothers are preventable.

Organized by Rwanda’s Ministry of Health, the 2010 MCH Week in Rwanda (29 November to 2 December) was backed with a great social mobilization carried out by the community health workers at community level and the local radio stations. These two channels reached, to my appraisal, about 85% of the target population –rural people living spread all over the thousand hills of this densely inhabited country.

While we took part as monitoring agents, and also trickled some magic drops into children, we could also notice that quality of information needs to be improved because it is not only about quantities –for instance, mothers did not know all the range of treatment available.

This is, for sure, an interesting experience that will be replicated in the future, and that we are working to efficiently prevent and save more.

The Mother and Child Health week in Rwanda was organized by the Ministry of Health in collaboration with the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis, Imbuto Foundation, and PSI-Rwanda.


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