Can a school construction project change lives?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself since I got to Rwanda and the answer is not easy. You have hard and soft components with different timetables to finally see results.

If we limit these lines to construction, my answer would be no –to a certain extent. The benefits reported by construction and construction management only get to a minimum part of the community. They also imply a broader set of benefits like capacity building, social cohesion, and children enthusiasm. Sometimes strengthen private construction entrepreneurs.

But, why if we find these benefits the project is not fully able to change lives? Because of all the other conditions linked indirectly to it. Can we say that if young men already can’t find work a school construction project helps to change their lives?

To believe this is true you have to trust that many other investments are going to take place. You have to trust that governmental decisions are going to improve youth opportunities, providing jobs and specific training. And also count that youth is willing to join the change.

This is difficult to measure, but when you are on one side you only can trust and believe that the change is going to happen.

Believing in development is like a religion. You have to keep on positive on it.


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