Black City / White City


Lights, you can see them floating in the darkness. Sometimes you confuse them. Eyes and teeth sparkling mixed with road lamps in the horizon creating new constellations. It is so dark that you follow your instinct; you walk where you know soil is compressed by a million of steps and hope your shoes are going to be shiny –but you know they’re not.

Government is a silhouette that moves around unconscious, it is a familiar bi-polar ghost. One day helps, next one destroys. An unreliable attitude…

While the government tries to understand itself, poverty continues to grow as a perennial child that continuously drinks milk. It grows bigger but not older. It is renewed forever, delaying the solution or extending forever the lack of land titles, lack of employment opportunities, and lack of representation or interest in/by the government.


Buildings rise. They shine during day and night and you don’t even think about it. It’s just happening. Take a car/taxi home and meanwhile you talk on the shiny mobile phone. There is no problem; if something happens go to the insurance or sue the driver.

Vacations are expected as a baby. Visa not required. The market follows the big streets and people follow the market. Vicious circle of capitalism but who cares if everybody has money.

Government, what does it mean? Just don’t allow terrorists in and please let us save some money. If enough immigration we need new policies…

By the way, I have to go to my beach villa… See you.


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