Shoeless imagination

Indeed, I was the only one wearing shoes within the mass. We were all walking towards the north. They had not realized yet about me, about my shoes. Silently I tried to take them off while walking but the knots were too tight. They didn’t come off. My sweat was turning into cold anxiety drops. When they all find out it’s my end. And the north is still far. I can’t see the horizon yet to that side.

But wait, I have one pill; the sorcerer gave it to me that Sunday morning when I visited him instead of going to church. It is supposed to make me big… thirteen times bigger! Cautiously but fast I swallowed and after some body shocks all my body grows until my nakedness breaks my clothes.

Then, not because of the shoes, but because of my unexpected vulnerability I ran over all of them, smashing some, kicking others… I ran as fast as I could… this time to the south, where the never-ending surreal paradise really exists, where we started the journey.


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