The stairs up to architecture and beyond

The alien is there: the Scotland archisculpture wooden stair in front of Venice train station is attracting.

Two weeks after I went up and down and took some pictures my perspective changed and I re-read it not in a simple exploratory-enjoyable experimental piece, but also as a sharp caricature located between three other bridge-stairs: the Ponte degli Scalzi, the stairs up to the train station, the Calatrava Bridge.

The first two are conventional sites to take pictures since they are the first thing a visitor sees when arriving. The Calatrava Bridge became popular long before opening and now it’s considered as the new urban attraction in this old city, generating visits and lots of flashes.

Hence the archisculpture becomes sharp, and its edginess denotes it. It can be read as a picturesque approach on how stair bridges have changed their use in this particular touristic city, beyond original urban and architecture limits.


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