Close encounter of the 4th kind: A visit to Berlin’s Jewish Museum

Sometimes willingness can overcome cold weather. That’s what happened some days ago. It was time to visit Berlin’s Jewish Museum, designed by Daniel Libeskind.

Watched previously in books and websites, this building is very particular –as many contemporary museums.

Between the zig-zaggy lines, this museum turns into an experimental space, which reminded me of one of Tschumi’s 80’s articles on how architecture designed changed from prioritizing function to prioritizing aesthetics. Present days may slowly change the way we design, but this was not the case now.
The gray exterior wall and its windows look like whipped, punished skin. Internally, while it seems there is some lost space, it really doesn’t matter so much. It is full of stories and memoires that you don’t think much about it. Better, you feel those are missing pieces of the story, black holes.
I took a good dose of it, experiencing the building. Following the lines, the axis, following the instinct… One thing led to the other and again I was outside in the cold, again perceiving the punished skin in the gray cloudy scenario.
It was an interesting experience, good for my 4th sense improvement.

This building reminds me of Michael Miranda and Diómedes Durán. Greetings to them.


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