Peace with Nazi architecture - Bunkers

For some people history is too close to call it so. For others, new generations, it is something that raises curiosity, which sounds familiar because of grandparents, education, books and movies. Certainly there are issues still pending with Nazi part of history, and the Holocaust Survivors paycheck raise done by the Germans recently –let’s say– is a prove of it.

Nevertheless, as well as we should know about the true history behind der Führer (and all other genocides); we also need to ask ourselves what to do with its architectural reminiscence. Removing them can bring relief while keeping them can prevent ignorance.

The posts “Patrimonio Resistente”(SPA), “Rehabilitación de un bunker antiaéreo alemán”(SPA), and “Bunker Archeology” tell the story about the “Atlantic Wall” bunkers conceived by Hitler –a set of 12,000 reinforced concrete units along the coasts of Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

The first article graciously mentions their resemblance to the moais. The second one gives an idea of how these big pieces of concrete can be re-used. Is it right? It would, again, come to a socio-political level; but it is through contrasts where human enlightenment has come.


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