City built-wrecks

The spiral effect of the economic crisis created new voids within the cities’ growing mass: lots of empty rooms in malls and houses. The road to perdition crossed industrialized countries and invaded developing countries without remorse. Could we say modern Cubas? Work-in-progress turned into what-to-do: ruined produced ruins.

While my shiny Quisqueya island now sees some light in the end of the ruined tunnel, there are some that will remain so. They have become ruins in the psyche of people (p.e. I will always think of “Novocentro” as a big, massive, all-glass ruin; maybe a usable one now, but it is saved in my mind as part of an economic ruin. It helps that it remained empty for so long too).

On the Boulevard de l’Umuganda, next to the South African Embassy @ Rwanda, there is one of those ruins that not even smuggling has saved. The building rises from a deep hole on earth and its arrangement of window voids sometimes makes me laugh silently, others it unsettles my stomach.

But one day I enjoyed watching how, on the side of the building, the stairs used for construction personnel, built in wood pieces, turns into a ruin too. Shorter duration, of course, but still… its abrupt contortion seems sexy, and describes the risky relation between workers and gravity.
However, it is nice to find curious elements on those city built-wrecks and entertain ourselves because we will have to cope with them for a while –unless the CERN reactor activates dark-matter and world goes into a happy chaos.

By the way, sometimes last week I thought the CERN reactor sent “beams” to destabilize my office computer: it was so slow!


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