Nairobi Nairobi

New York’s very far from here
Kibera, the magnificent slum, appears like a compresed Neükoln.
Yes, Nairobi is closer to Berlin. Berlin with lot of traffic…

The skyscrapers rise in the center and they look all built in the same period.
Maybe late 60s, mostly during 70s, and 80s.
Many repetitive textures.

Alrededor: un tro’ de carro y gente que camina.
Negros todos, como se espera de una ciudad africana.
Zero muzungus en la calle ese día. Kigali is small and you can’t avoid them at all.

How did British manage to stay with their right/left, left/right driving?
To see that in Africa is an aggressive and scary experience.
Cuidado al cruzar la calle doña. I think boy scouts would not help.
Less will care the thousands of Indians or Indian-like people that creep the city.
No karma theory. “Karl Marx-en-olla theory” for the rest, the millions.

Most likely, I will land there again.
And its variety will comfort me shortly.
But before I leave, just driving back to the airport will scratch my nerves.
Sí, again, un tro’ de carros, como en el lower Manhattan de Sting y Sinatra.


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