Immigration : alien perspective

The following video, Alive in Joburg, is the experiment before District 9.

I found the movie (D9) quite good and deep content.
Sudden immigration, vulnerability, irregular settlements, institutions in charge, and the distorted caricature of the UN military activities (reminded me of my visit to Goma: trucks look the same) made it such interesting arguments that relate in a straightforward way to the black vs white, to the fights of races and tribes, all this politically incorrect issues that the world tries to fix. Mixed with some special-effects action, of course.

Question flying on Falkor: How humanitarian is UN military action?
The war tanks in Congo did not have a friendly eye -but I stood in front of them.

If a sequel is planned, it might head to more fighting between humans and aliens.
Or it might touch -better then- the subject of mixed beings and their lives in a biased society.
Who could say?

Anyway, I feel tempted –now more than before– to visit South Africa and see the context in 2010. Tourists, city, apartheid history, human uncertainties, football…

Now just enjoy the short clip.
If you dig, then go D9.


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