Tourism industry, legal pick-pocketing and international politics game in Rwanda

It is true; Lake Kivu is one great spot in Rwanda. There are not so many here. Gorillas, forests and parks with orchids and monkeys, Genocide history sites…

This small country has limited resources but a big “political will”. A 400 USD 3-months visa; a 500 USD entrance fee for the Silver-back Gorillas; and the picture of President Kagame in most shops…

Investment is being attracted and the Kivu area is “the place” for tourism investment –several hotels are being built or in planning phase –maybe another small bouquet of deluxe hotels up to approximately 250 USD a night.

Compared to DR, where mass tourism is an historic component, Rwanda is starting from scratch to build up its system. The approach is different and I feel it a bit harsh. People are visiting the spots, but a strong market competition can affect Rwanda since it is a small country. However, its size and current political situation play in favor.

The national legal framework enables these high income activities: they play by the rules, corruption is not noticeable, and the eagerness of the authorities. The revenues are increasing slowly and it will take a while to see if Rwandans lives change after investment increase and active international aid. It is really, yet again, a big political decision to be taken. Is history going to help? Let’s wait 5-10 years.


Hugo Sarmento dijo…
Ola Tulio!
I completely agree... you might like to see my blog:
I was there too many time for my work and I saw many unpleasant things about Rwandan politics.
Keep up the good blogging

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