Love to Graffiti: Children

I love creative artistic graffiti decorating lost walls in buildings. It is a great urban expression and they turn meaningless walls or corridors into thinking reasons and vibrant experiences.

Graffiti tell history, and create a parallel one. They are acid, but also tender mechanized life. They refuse standards but turn into mural memoires.
In Berlin, a place full of immigrants, their children, and their past, I found this great graffiti scenario: uncertainty and hope by children’s portraits.
Graffitis… I like them. I just do, much better than some prize winner work, and I don’t have to pay to get the excitement of them everyday.


Baakanit dijo…
These walls feel alive. Great pictures viejo.

Tulio Mateo dijo…
Y eso que solamente puse las de los ninos. Tambien habia del Dalai Lama, Ghandi, ancianos y otros!
Pero no he visto ningun metro-cavernicola en estos lados!
Baakanit dijo…
El metro-cavernícola es un personaje autóctono de estos lados, así como lo es Pedro Picapiedra.


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