A multi-dimensional Iraqi Memorial: from art to architecture

Despite the little knowledge we may have from the current Iraq war, the fact is that thousands+ of iraqui civilians have been killed since 2003.

Unable to stop by individual actions, our actions can help commemorate their deaths. The Iraqi Memorial initiative seeks to do so in a very creative experiment.

From all the proposal displayed I like "Guerrilla Memoirs", which is a geometrical re-configurable puzzle to be armed at any location.

My proposal is in sketch and I will see if I am in time to post it there, or I will do it here... Nevertheless, take a look at all the artists' works HERE.

However, I would like to ask readers:
1. Is there a greater value on this kind of pre-end, non-constructable memorial initiatives?
2. How does it change the panorama of "Memorials" in our current world?


Tulio Mateo dijo…
The Iraqi Memorial is an on-going initiative that has a big value but limited in its extension. It is active as it collects artists proposals from around the world, but it doesn't affect yet the iraqi society. These Memorials don't foster development as it doesn't represent so far an income-generating opportunity for the area. Maybe it is too soon to think like that. But I hope it will come the time, for an enjoyable Iraq, with its accumulated past.

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