Rwanda differences…

Like just fit for Baakanit style, here I post images from Rwanda.

In Rwamagana, there is a church that surprises with its condition: might be the best preserved church in Rwanda. Inside, the roof is a wide wood structure probably done with foreign support.

There were no stained-glass window; however, under each window images from the Bible were shown using traditional art. One of them was funnier than others…

There is a national transport syndicate. The drivers remind me Santo Domingo roads and my daily trips to San Cristobal. The syndicate’s name is in French: ATRACO. But no fear.

In the biggest shopping mall in Kigali, there are no McDonalds or Burger King, no Payless Shoes or H&M… There is a 15m2 paradise for cloth…

The Muslim quarter in Kigali, Nyamirambo, is full of people and shops on the streets. The parallel dirt roads host small cinemas that show dubbed movies and football games for almost half a dollar. Going down one of those streets, children play and remind Obama every time they see a mixed-race person. Once, a child was holding a gun in front of me and I didn’t know what to do. After an endless instant, I took my camera out like in the Wild West and took a picture.

He didn’t shoot back. He’s name is Musa.

Music listened while writing.. Pittura Freska - Picinin


Baakanit dijo…
Hey Tulio, loved your observations. Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures with us.

Y esa pistola era de verdad o una réplica? You probably didn't want to find out. I love the face expression of the kid.

Atraco and Tetas are great names, you could make a fortune in DR setting up similar businesses with those clever names.

Take care, keep the strange pictures coming.
Tulio Mateo dijo…
La foto era un juguete, creo...
Espero... por el bien de los vecinos y los padres.

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