Big, wild cats

Remarkably, people visit national parks to be amazed by animals that live in the most relaxed and simple existence; thousands of people travelling around the world, maybe thinking about how life could be if we were running wild, the opposite to big, anonymous cities (no?).

In Queen Elizabeth, despite how close we got to them, the lions did not move. The ones in the ground barely lift themselves to stare back at us, like someone after an incredibly big meal who is called and only opens one eye while motionless on a sofa. The ones in the solid cactus tree stretched like babies.

The Queen’s park hosts a famous group of tree-jumping lions. They’re supposed to climb up to 8 meters –almost surreal height for a lion. They will definitely not need an elevator like in this story. My mother said she has to figure out new ways to run away from lions –interesting dilemma for an island without big cats like La Hispaniola. Don’t worry, mom, we’ll be in a safari car.


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