Civilization ants from Africa

A few days ago I asked a colleague, a driver, how long it takes to go from Goma to Kinshasa, in Congo.
He said "one to two months; there is no road…"

During the trip to Uganda, one sign –the one above– caught my eye. The idea of an impenetrable park never occurred to me, but Bwindi is called like that. Africa is impenetrable, at least in a great extent, just like Hemingway described in his notes, sunrise at wild, immensity of the world. A though that is like an ant when you realize it.

However, to ride along the penetrable side of Africa one will most probably need a vehicle. And while some cities in Africa might contain the variety of a global city, the villages barely have access to water. In one of the stops to refuel I saw a restore point of civilization revealed by the hand-pump at the gas station.

I don’t know if my parents got to do that, but I draw a surprise smile. Did I think it has always been digital? I just forgot about the existence of a past, which in Africa sometimes is the present.


donata dijo…
quite impressive... admire the courage of those who lived in some european city and goes to Africa to have this great growing up in life.... I'd love to do that, but I'm not sure I'm brave enough... stay well!! and keep posting... ;)
Tulio Mateo dijo…
Nisa, it might be easier than you expect: you should try :)
You already have a wild spirit; then it is just going south!
donata dijo…
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donata dijo…
i guess i'll think about it... but maybe in something like 2 years.. i need to have money by my own first.. :) I'll really think about it.. stay well, tulio!!

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