Craters of Queen Elizabeth

As an architect sometimes one can think that our creations display exciting silhouettes, amazing shapes that drill our emotions and pinch us. However, architecture sets its base on the ground, soil, planet earth, or however we may call it.

Just one month ago I visited Uganda, south Uganda to be more specific; Queen Elizabeth National Park to clear it more -although only part. It was there I found more of the amazing shapes of our world, crater formations that follow one another and reflect the activeness of nature.

Some of the craters have salty lakes that people use for collection of salt for commercial purposes –even if it is little. People have lived in these areas for long time and the government let them stay when creating the national park. They engage in these small activities and also as park guards. Women are encouraged to work, but in the lakes they can only work until certain age; this because the water contains some chemicals (if I understood well) that could damage their reproductive organs.

Animals nevertheless, buffaloes in particular, take a dive as pre-dry season refreshment.


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