A little short miracle against hunger?

...a magnificent bull elephant struck down in his old age.
But for the starving of Zimbabwe, it was little short of a miracle.

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Anónimo dijo…
ur a lucky man... u got the oportunity to see things that just a few of occidentals, y ma un platanero, could just figure it out.. this kind of things.. men a uno no le cabe en el brain.. a los de este lao no nos cabe, agarra un elefante y entrale como si fuera helado... keep going men... I wish u luck
Tulio Mateo dijo…
Well, man, I did not see the elephant die or the people taking kilos of meat, pero sí he visto gente con hambre.
Or maybe they just have different habits.
And sometimes it is like they see foreigners as elephants and they want to take you down gently while asking for help.
Bueno, si yo tuviera hambre, no lo pienso: también le doy pa'bajo a un elefante.

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